Pamodzi Group Operations

In line with our brand ethos of using the spirit of business to liberate people at corporate level, we use the very same spirit to liberate industries. We strive to be a dominant player in each of the industries we operate in through the ownership of companies that are leaders in those sectors.

We essentially build globally competitive, future-focused companies that are led from Africa. We take businesses, up-scale them, and then turn them into high performing, world-class companies while making a positive contribution to our stakeholders. We have a solid track record of developing business talent based on our entrepreneurial ethos, emphasis on mentorship and succession planning.

We see our role at Group level in relation to our subsidiaries as follows:

Pamodzi Group’s role and subsidiary support

  • Access to corporate finance
  • Brand support
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Executive training and oversight
  • Management of group-wide financial
  • Investor relations and corporate communications
  • Risk and sustainability issues
  • Strategic direction