Corporate Social Responsibility

Pamodzi Group, as a growing and successful investment company, has as its prime objective the provision of strong returns for its stakeholders. But we believe these must be achieved alongside a range of social, ethical and environmental considerations. This is especially so, since, as a company built up from the grassroots in townships under the apartheid era in South Africa’s history, we understand what it means to communities to be without support or prospects. We therefore take our Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously as a way of giving back to the communities in which we are involved. Share schemes open to employees are a common practice for Pamodzi, and its companies such as Foodcorp. In partnership with its subsidiaries and investment companies, we are also proactive in South Africa’s educational, economic and environmental development. The need to be a good corporate citizen, and to help transform and uplift our communities by giving back to them, runs deep in our veins. The best example of this triple commitment is the Pamodzi Trust, which is a social trust directly invested in Pamodzi Group, owning a significant 4.8%. The dividends generated from this investment are invested in social projects, among them:

  • R1 million tertiary scholarship program for science and accounting
  • R4million in the Potchefstroom Rugby Institute
  • Scholarship program for 19 marine science students at the University of Cape Town
  • Salaries for Maths and Science teachers at Phafogang High School in Soweto

This pioneering social responsibility vehicle ensures that as we grow as a business, so does our commitment to the betterment of our society.

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